5/22 AISD Board Meeting Notes

May 22, 2017, Meeting Follow Up

1.      Public Comment

All 30 slots filled and speakers spoke on a variety of topics including: support for continued funding of the Dual Language program, Alejandro Delgado for District 6 Trustee appointment and need for facility improvements

2.      Public Hearing

  • 2013 Bond Contingency Program Funds Utilization
    • CFO, Nicole Conley asked for board authorization to use funds to deal with smaller facilities contingencies that might arise during the school year

2.      Consent Agenda & Considerations

  • Consent Agenda passed unanimously after brief discussion

3.   President’s Report

  • Discussion about adjusting timeline for appointing D6 Trustee in order to have someone in place for graduation ceremonies – ultimately decided to stick with the original timeline in consideration of GACC candidate forum. Candidate interviews on May 30, appointment on June 12

4.      Superintendent’s Report

  • Presentation of the recommended 2017-18 Budget
  • Preview of preliminary FABPAC bond proposal
    • Key takeaways from community engagement sessions
      • Increase communication to non-parents
      • Explain to constituents how bonds can be passed without raising taxes
      • Explain the phasing/timelines of projects more clearly
    • Equity Sub-committee
      • Will develop a white paper on equity to better inform process for successors