August 27, 2018 Meeting Follow Up

1.      Public Comment:

  • All 30 slots were filled
    • Many speakers raised concerns about Celebration Church being allowed to rent out the AISD Performance Arts Center because of their stance on LGBTQ people. Read about it here.
    • Librarians raised an unintended consequence of the decision to halt inter-campus mail due to budget constraints. Previously, librarians could use inter-campus mail to request books from other campuses, providing more options for students. Without it, students only have access to the books in their library. Dr. Cruz said that the district would work to find a solution.
    • Speakers expressed frustration with the proposed MLS soccer stadium plan; as currently written, Precourt Sports Ventures would not have to pay property taxes and AISD would miss out on potential tax revenues.

2.      Consent Agenda & Considerations:

  • Consent Agenda passed unanimously 8-0
  • Board approved an agreement to continue mental health services at Austin HS, Bedicheck MS, Burnet MS, Dobie MS, Eastside HS, International HS, Fulmore HS, Garcia YMLA, Lanier HS, LBJ, LASA, Martin HS, McCallum HS, Reagan HS, Sadler Means YWLA and Travis HS for the 18/19 school year.
  • 2019 Legislative Priorities
  • Interlocal Agreement with Austin Public Health for youth development programs passes 7-0-1, Trustee Wagner abstained because she works for the City of Austin
  • AISD Human Resources presented amendments to the Family Leave policy, removing partial pay for some extended leave and parenting leave. After much discussion, the motion failed 2-6. Trustee Cowan, who voted in favor, said, “If not this, then what?” The board has asked the district to make tough calls, like this one, and Cowan called her fellow trustees to support their plan. Trustees who voted against said that they worried about this policy change not being communicated in time for families to make decisions about having or expanding a family. Trustees also expressed not wanting to balance the budget on the backs of their employees.

3.      Superintendent’s Report:

  • Preliminary Accountability Results
  • Adoption of I&S and M&O Tax Rate
    • Motion to levy a Maintenance & Operation ad valorem tax at a rate of $1.0790, unchanged from previous year, passed unanimously
    • Motion to levy an ad valorem tax to provide a sinking fund to pay principal and interest on bonds at a rate of $0.1130, unchanged from previous year, passed unanimously
    • Motion to grant historical landmarks a partial tax exemption passed 5 –3; Trustees Gordon, Anderson, and Mathias voted no