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5/22 AISD Board Meeting Notes

May 22, 2017, Meeting Follow Up

1.      Public Comment

All 30 slots filled and speakers spoke on a variety of topics including: support for continued funding of the Dual Language program, Alejandro Delgado for District 6 Trustee appointment and need for facility improvements

2.      Public Hearing

  • 2013 Bond Contingency Program Funds Utilization
    • CFO, Nicole Conley asked for board authorization to use funds to deal with smaller facilities contingencies that might arise during the school year

2.      Consent Agenda & Considerations

  • Consent Agenda passed unanimously after brief discussion

3.   President’s Report

  • Discussion about adjusting timeline for appointing D6 Trustee in order to have someone in place for graduation ceremonies – ultimately decided to stick with the original timeline in consideration of GACC candidate forum. Candidate interviews on May 30, appointment on June 12

4.      Superintendent’s Report

  • Presentation of the recommended 2017-18 Budget
  • Preview of preliminary FABPAC bond proposal
    • Key takeaways from community engagement sessions
      • Increase communication to non-parents
      • Explain to constituents how bonds can be passed without raising taxes
      • Explain the phasing/timelines of projects more clearly
    • Equity Sub-committee
      • Will develop a white paper on equity to better inform process for successors

5/22 AISD Board Agenda Preview

May 22, 2017 Regular Board Meeting

KEY ITEMS: Process for filing D6 vacancy, FABPAC bond discussion, 17-18 budget recommendations & Equity Plan update

7:30 PM   Public Comment

  • Up to 30 members of the community may speak for 2 minutes

 8:40 PM Public Hearing

  • 2013 Bond Contingency Program Funds Utilization

 9:10 PM Consent Agenda

  • Academics & Curriculum
    1. Amendments to ACC agreements for integrated training and education programming/ESL
    2. Proclamation 2017 instructional materials adoption recommendations
  • Business & Finance
    1. Budget, investment, and tax reports for Jan., Feb., and Mar. 2017
    2. Approval of resolution regarding hazardous traffic conditions, agreements for desktop computers, Chromebooks, AVID program, intervention programs for reading and math, and meal price increase
  • Facilities
    1. Selection of contractor for playscapes at Cook, Ortega, Rodriguez, and St. Elmo
    2. Approval of guaranteed maximum price for renovations at Highland Park Elm.
    3. Approval of design for addition and renovations at Mills, Odom, and Rodriguez Elm. School
    4. Selection of Master Planning Consultant
    5. Approval of the use of 2013 Bond Contingency Funds
  • Human Resources
    1. Appointment of the Principal of Zilker Elm. School
    2. Appointment of the Executive Director of Talent Acquisition & Development
    3. Consultation agreement between AISD and Education Austin: employee compensation
  • Policy
    1. District of Innovation related policies
    2. Proposed amendments to internal audit department charter
  • Items for Separate Vote
    1. Approval of agreement for transportation services to Earth Camp
    2. State of Texas Interagency Cooperation Contract for UTPrep STEM program

 9:40 PM President’s Report

  • Process for Appointment to fill board vacancy in AISD District 6

 10:10 PM Superintendent’s Report

  • Update on Equity Plan
  • Presentation of the recommended 2017-18 Budget
  • Preview of preliminary FABPAC Bond Proposal