June 18, 2018, Regular Board Meeting

KEY ITEMS: Adoption of FY19 Budget, Mendez T-STEM Partnership, & Mainspring Partnership 

 7:25 PM   Public Comment

  • Up to 30 members of the community may speak for 2 minutes

8:35 PM Public Hearing: Health Services RFP  

9:05 PM Public Hearing: FY2018-19 Recommended Budget and Tax Rate

9:35 PM Consent Agenda

  • Academics & Curriculum
    1. Agreement with Mainspring, a charter turnaround partner
    2. Mendez and T-STEM Coalition Partnership and Final Agreement
    3. District of Innovation revisions for Dual Language & Languages Other than English (LOTE)
    4. Approval of extension of the AISD/Austin Partners in Education Cooperative Agreement
    5. Optional Flexible School Day Program for the Graduation Prep Academy campuses at Travis and Lanier HS
  • Business & Finance
    1. Contracts for district-wide professional development services
    2. Agreement for the purchase of Attendance Credits from the state for SY2018-19
    3. Final Budget Amendment for FY 2017-18
    4. District-wide HUB program recommended aspirational goals
  • Facilities
    1. Contract for construction firm for the new Administration Center
    2. Contract for architectural firm selected for Norman ES Modernization Project
  • Human Resources
    1. Appointment of Principal of Bryker Woods ES, Uphaus Early Childhood Center, Covington MS, and Fulmore MS
  • Policy
    1. 2018-19 Student Code of Conduct
  • Items for Separate Vote
    1. Contract for Student Health Services, Request for Proposals
    2. Memorandum of Understanding with OnRamps Program at UT

9:05 PM Superintendent’s Report

  • End of School Year Report (Update)
  • Adoption of the Recommended FY2019 Budget (Action)

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