May 20, 2019 Meeting Follow Up

1.      Public Comment

  • All 30 slots filled
    • Education Austin organized teachers and school staff to speak out about the proposed 1 percent raise. Speakers asked for a 10 percent raise for all employees, noting that the state is poised to fund AISD at historic levels.
    • Speakers also addressed concerns about the Guiding Principles, wondering whether the document sufficiently ensures that school changes will be made equitably.

2.      Consent Agenda & Considerations

  • Consent Agenda passed unanimously
  • Items Pulled for Separate Vote
    • 6: Hazardous routes approved unanimously.
    • 9: Contract with Addision Group for temporary employees for Human Resources and Finance department approved unanimously. Admin explained that IT support/technical positions are difficult to fill and they need recruiting support.
    • 11: Contract for student growth assessment data and software approved unanimously

3.      Superintendent’s Report

  • Professional Pathways for Teachers (PPfT) Presentation
    • PPfT is a human capital system that provides supplemental compensation for teachers on one of three leadership “pathways”: (1) literacy, (2) social and emotional learning, or (3) transformative technology. Teachers can work towards a series of micro-credentials, earning points that can increase their base salary.
  • Guiding Principles
    • Trustees voted to approve the Guiding Principles, a document that will provide guidance for administration as they move forward with school repurposing, consolidations, and closures, passed 8-0-1. Trustee Singh opposed.
    • Amendment reading “Cap percentage of economically disadvantaged students experiencing school closures after more information has been received and after the equity officer has been hired.” approved 5-4. Trustees Ashe, Wagner, Elenz, and Rodriguez voted against.