November 27, 2017, Regular Board Meeting

KEY ITEMS: Surplus property sale & purchase of new property for administration building

 7:35 PM   Public Comment

  • Up to 30 members of the community may speak for 2 minutes

8:45 PM Consent Agenda

  • Academics & Curriculum
    1. Child Care Local Match Contribution Agreement
    2. Memorandum of Understanding with ACC to provide preparatory courses
  • Business & Finance
    1. 1st Quarterly Budget, Investment, and Tax Reports for Jul., Aug., & Sept.
    2. Approval of Family Resource Centers
    3. Resolution declaring the following AISD owned land as surplus and authorizing for sale: Baker Center, Doris Drive Land, Tannehill Lane Land, Millett Opera House, and Carruth Administration Center Property
    4. Approval of contract for the purchase of property for a future administrative center
    5. Agreement with Texas A&M Transportation Institute for Teens in the Driver Seat Programs
    6. 2017 Tax Levy
    7. Financial Audit for 16-17
  • Facilities
    1. Award of Contract for Energy Savings Performance, Renovations at Dobie MS, Roof Repair at Houston ES, and Solar Array Installations at Paredes, Galindo, Kocurek, and Boone.
  • Human Resources
    1. Routine personnel actions
  • Items for Separate Vote
    1. Cooperation Agreement with the City of Austin to financially support Literacy First
    2. Cooperation Agreement between the City of Austin and AISD: use of event space
    3. Approval of CodeNEXT Resolution
    4. Agreement with UT for UTeach Outreach Programs

9:15 PM Superintendent’s Report 

  • Bond Update