September 23, 2019 Regular Board Meeting

7:25 PM   General Public Comment

  • Up to 10 members of the community may speak for 1 minute

7:55 PM   Public Hearing: Telehealth services

8:05 PM Presentation of School Financial Integrity Rating

8:10 PM   Public Testimony:

  • All members wishing to speak on agenda items will get to speak. Board desires to allow one minute per speaker but can reduce at board discretion if there many speakers.

8:35 PM Consent Agenda

  • Academics & Curriculum
    1. Dual Credit MOU
  • Board Administration
    1. Approve Meeting Minutes
  • Business & Finance
    1. Contract for Food
    2. Monthly budget amendment report
    3. Approval for Amendment for Reading and Math Intervention
  • Facilities
    1. Approval of contracts and agreements
  • Human Resources
    1. Appointment of Head Start Administrator
    2. Personnel actions: appointments, resignations, retirements, contract renewals
  • Policy
    1. SHAC and Safety and Security Bylaws
  • Items for Separate Vote
    1. Sidewalk agreement with City of Austin
    2. Building Use with University of Texas at Austin
    3. Interlocal agreement with UT Dell Medical School

  Superintendent’s Report

  • Adoption of Ordinance Setting Tax Rate and Exemptions