September 24, 2018, Regular Board Meeting

KEY ITEMS:  Elementary Modernization Project Approval

 7:25 PM   Public Comment

  • Up to 30 members of the community may speak for 2 minutes

 8:45 PM Presentation of Austin ISD School Financial Integrity Rating for 2018

  • Followed by Public Hearing at 8:45 PM

9:15 PM Consent Agenda

  • Academics & Curriculum
    1. Approval of Student Health Advisory Council (SHAC) 2018 – 2019 Roster and Board of Trustees SHAC Member Appointment
    2. Metz, Sanchez, Zavala Elementary Modernization Project
    3. Agreement between ACC and AISD for Dual Credit Educational Partnerships
  • Business & Finance
    1. Contract for Advanced Email Protection and Analysis Solution
    2. Contracts for Security Cameras and Camera Installation
    3. Contracts for Membership and Participation in Purchasing Cooperatives
  • Facilities
    1. Approval of Electric Utility Easement Agreement at New Southwest Elementary School
  • Items for Separate Vote
    1. Interlocal Agreement with City of Austin: Mexican American Cultural Center
    2. Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department
    3. Building Use Agreement with UT at Frank Erwin Center for 2019 Commencement Ceremonies
    4. Advise TX Interlocal Agreement with Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and UT