September 25, 2017, Regular Board Meeting

KEY ITEMS: Financial integrity rating presentation, Health services (nurses) update

7:25 PM   Public Comment

  • Up to 30 members of the community may speak for 2 minutes

8:35 PM Presentation of AISD School Financial Integrity Rating 2017

8:45 PM Public Hearing

  • School Financial Integrity Rating 2017

9:15 PM Consent Agenda

  • Academics & Curriculum
    1. Capital City Fund for Education Inc. Grant for AISD (homeless & at-risk students)
    2. Memorandum of Understanding with ACC for Dual Credit Program
  • Business & Finance
    1. Approval of an agreement for a services management system, pasture-raised frozen liquid eggs, & carry-in pizza
  • Facilities
    1. Resolution regarding the use of bond proceeds and providing for the appointment of an oversight committee
  • Human Resources
    1. Routine personnel actions
    2. Proposed termination of professional employee(s) during a probationary contract
  • Items for Separate Vote
    1. Interlocal agreement with UT Austin for the Argentina Educators Training Program
    2. Advise TX Memorandum of Understanding among Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, UT at Austin, and ASID
    3. Services agreement with UT Austin for UTeach Engineering

9:45 PM Superintendent’s Report

  • Bond update
  • Health services update