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November 26, 2018 Meeting Follow Up

1. Swearing in of New Trustees

  • District 1: LaTisha Anderson
  • District 4: Trustee Kristin Ashy
  • At-Large: Runoff Election

2. Public Comment

  • 20 slots were filled, remaining slots filled by waitlist
  • Speakers voiced support for renaming Fulmore after Sarah Lively
  • Teachers spoke in opposition to increasing class sizes and reducing planning time

3. Consent Agenda & Considerations

  • Consent Agenda items 11.1 to 14.3 passed unanimously 7-0-0
  • Consent Agenda items 15.1 to 15.3 passed 7-0-1; Trustee Elenz abstained
    • Various interlocal contracts between AISD and UT
  • Item 10.1 Adoption of Instructional Materials Adoption Committee; Board voted to move item to next meeting to give administration time to increase number of Certified Academic Language Therapists (CALTs) on the committee 7-1-0; Trustee Mathias opposed. He was adamant that this would slow down the process of delivering new materials.

4. Superintendent’s Report

  • School Name Changes
    • Board voted to rename Allan campus after Anita Ferrales Coy 6-1-1; Trustee Teich opposed and Trustee Ashy abstained
    • Read about Allan Renaming Committee’s process and recommendation here
    • Trustees chose not to make motions for renaming other schools so there were no other votes.
  • Budget Priorities
    • If the status quo of declining enrollment and increasing recapture continues, reserves will be exhausted in the next few years. CFO, Nicole Conley Johnson Anticipates a $60 million budget shortfall next year.
    • AISD’s Budget Priorities are that Every Child Will:
      • Thrive in exemplary schools
      • Read on level by 3rd grade
      • Excel with exceptional teachers
    • Budget Stabilization Task Force to deliver their recommendations on Dec. 14
    • Austin ISD faces unpopular options to fix budget: closing schools and redrawing boundaries

June 18, 2018 Meeting Follow Up

1.      Public Comment:

  • Speakers identified a lack of cultural proficiency professional development opportunities & suggested that the district’s Race & Equity Office expand from one person
  • AISD offers free breakfast and lunch to all children and teens ages 18 and younger

2.      Public Hearing: Health Services RFP

  • 6 people signed up to speak, main concern was having an RN present on every campus

3.      Public Hearing: FY2018-19 Recommended Budget and Tax Rate

  • 2 people signed up to speak

4.      Consent Agenda & Considerations:

5.      Superintendent’s Report:

May 21, 2018 Meeting Follow Up

1.      Public Comment:

  • All 30 slots were filled
    • Many spoke in support of Special Education and Special Education teachers
    • Speakers voiced concern about “drill and kill” style teaching, deficit thinking, and Kendall Pace’s comments.

2.      Consent Agenda & Considerations:

  • Consent Agenda passed unanimously 8-0
  • Items pulled from the dais for a separate vote
    • Interlocal Agreement between UT and AISD for district’s 2017-2022 Education Innovation and Research (EIR) Grant passed 6-0-2. Trustee Gordon and Trustee Elenz abstain because of their affiliation with UT.

3.      Superintendent’s Report:

4.      Board Officers:

April 30, 2018 Meeting Follow Up

1.      Public Comment

  • All 30 slots filled
    • Many spoke in support of the Chinese Language Program at Kealing MS
      • Education Austin organized teachers and staff to speak on what respect means to them
      • Themes ranged from a livable wage, culturally responsive practices, and valuing teacher input

2.      Consent Agenda & Considerations:

3.      Superintendent’s Report:

  • Preliminary Budget
  • Enormous pressure on budget from recapture. 33% of the district’s total budget is sent back to the state.
  • Administration is currently negotiating a raise for teachers and staff with Education Austin. The result may alter budget projections.


March 26, 2018 Meeting Follow Up

1.      Public Comment

  • All 30 slots filled
    • Many speakers concerned with potential school closings at Norman ES and Mendez MS

2.      Consent Agenda & Considerations:

  • Consent Agenda passed unanimously
  • Consent Items pulled for a separate vote (architectural and engineering contracts), passed 7-0-1, Trustee Mathias abstained
  • Items pulled from the dais for a separate vote
    • Norman & Sims Modernization
    • Contract for Desktop and Laptop Computers
      • Approved 8-0-1, Trustee Cowan abstained
      • Trustee Anderson raised concern that this contract limited teachers’ technology choices
    • Appointment of Operations Officer for AISD
      • Approved 8-0-1, Trustee Gordon abstained
      • Rationale shared with board member regarding appointment -This is a new position the district has created to take some pressure off of Nicole Conley as her work with the Public School Finance Commission continues. This person is uniquely qualified to assist with workload associated with bond projects due to their strong finance and construction background. An entire department was streamlined in order to justify spending on such a position.
      • Newly hired Austin ISD executive to oversee his current employer

Austin Independent School District School Board. https://www.austinisd.org/board

February 26, 2018 Meeting Follow Up

1.      Public Comment

  • All 30 slots filled
    • Norman Elementary stakeholders spoke in opposition to school consolidation
    • Speakers spoke for and against changing school names
    • Mendez MS stakeholder urged Superintendent to clarify whether the school was closing
      • Cruz said that their intent is to keep the school open, but it’s up to TEA if the school fails to meet standards this year

2.      Consent Agenda & Considerations

  • Consent Agenda passed unanimously
  • Items for a separate vote
    • Agreements with UT for 2018 UT PREP Summer Program passed 7-0-2, Trustee Gordon and Elenz abstained
    • Agreements with the City of Austin for Social Services and provision of PEG Capital Funding passed 8-0-1, Trustee Wagner abstained
    • Contract for architecture/engineering design services for the new administration center given to Page Architects, Trustee Mathias recused himself because of affiliation with one of the firms and Trustee Cowan was off the dais

3.      President’s Report

  • Board president Kendall Pace read a statement regarding the school shooting in Florida and AISD’s commitment to safety

4.      Superintendent’s Report

Austin Independent School District School Board. https://www.austinisd.org/board